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I've noticed that just about everyone but me changed their habits and got rid of the opportunities to smoke and the smokes themselves. I purposely didn't avoid the things that I knew I wasn't trying to quit, like coffee, like the people I sat with at break time at work, stuff like that. I didn't replace the cigarettes with gum or the patch or carrots or even masturbation (a suggestion from a friend, I think he was kidding...). I wanted to quit smoking, not change how I lived every part of my life so I took it as a test of will power. There's a drum of tobacco up in my bedroom in a drawer right now that I bought the February before last (for about $40 to rub it in for those still smoking), I could smoke whenever I want but I have chosen not to. The opportunity will always be there to smoke, you just have to decide not to. If you find the patch or carrots or masturbation helps then use them but ultimately it's a question of will and conviction.
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