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Wow... congrats to all the reformed smokers!

I also quit. Smoked a pack a day for 13 years, and quit on the patch. I didn't do the full program though - I just went to the step 2's and changed my habits. (Thank the gods of Dentyne for Dentyne Ice!!!!). Stayed on the patch for a few weeks, then went at it cold turkey. Haven't touched one for 3.5 months.

My secret was staying MOTIVATED. Have a goal in mind - for me it was more snakes. At work and at home, I have a program that rotates my desktop wallpaper every X minutes. So, I rotated pics of all the snakes I was going to get if I quit smoking. Well, I now have 25 of the little buggers to remind me of how much I do not miss taking $10 a day and literally lighting fire to it.


Good luck.
- Ken LePage
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