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I've had this kingsnake for approximately two months. The info I got is that she was used to eating two live hopper mice every one to two weeks. I tried that, as well as f/t brained hoppers. In fact, the last time I fed her, she rejected a f/t brained hopper. Two hours later, I placed f/t brained pinkies in her enclosure and she snapped them right up.

Because she seems rather nervous, I've been feeding her in her own enclosure. Apparently, even dead hoppers a bit intimidating. Maybe she decided she doesn't like hair?

>Your female had gone quite a long time between when you >bought her and when she finally accepted feed - which was only >about a week ago. I suspect that many of these snakes are >more traumatized by changes in their lifestyle than we >understand - especially those that come from a breeder where >they have the security and quiet of a rack system into a busy >household - with many vibrations.

I think you are 100% right about this. The snakes at the other place had their own room where they were rarely bothered, no vibrations, different heating system, different elevation, etc. The change didn't bother the male at all, but the female's disposition is quite different.

It doesn't help that she just had a tough shed.

Her last two meals weren't very large. I just want to get her system going again. The hopper I tried was more on the "fuzzy" side and shouldn't have seemed threatening since it was dead, but hey...who knows what she was feeling?
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