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FYI- I posted an ad for the tank in my companys classifieds. Original ad:

90 gallon aquarium and wood stand (with storage).

28H X 19D X 48L for the stand, and 24H X 18D X 48L for the tank

The last 4 months this tank held 2 snakes, but prior to that it held a fully functioning fish aquarium set up. In the photo the tank has 2 specially made mesh covers for heat lamps to sit upon, but we still have the original aquarium cover that fits over the entire top. The original price was over $350, will sell for $175 or best offer.
"Tammy" emailed me inquiring about it first, then later said she'll take it.
"Kevin" emailed me second, but said he'd like it (before Tammy technically).
Obviously, they both know it's a deal. Ok, yes, Id like to ham it up for extra cash, but I dont want to be an @ss about it.

Kevin asked if I still had filters and things for the tank- I promised him that I would not sell the tank until I looked at home for the filters. I wont be back at work till Thurs. (Packing up the house for the HI move tomorrow)

Kevin left for the day, but Tammy called me and said that shell pay me today for it. Ill keep my promise and not make a decision till Thurs. But I did tell her (and then later emailed Kevin) that I would sell the tank for the advertised amount, but if someone makes me a substantially larger offer, I would take it.

Thats fair, right? It does say "or best offer".
Otherwise, who would you pick?

PS- Tammy emailed me a $200 offer, but Im still waiting till Thurs.
I just found homes for my 4 snake ladies: ball python, colombian boa, hogg isle boa, and a burmese. *sniff* How I miss them so...

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