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Tank and dishes: Scrub with anitbacterial dishsoap and water... rinse well. Spray with vinegar then spray over top with peroxide and let sit for 10 minutes... rinse well. If you really wanted to do more than that you can even spray with rubbing alcohol and let that sit for a while then rinse. Won't have a germ to be found Not really necessary though since vinegar/peroxide kills more germs than a bleach solution does.
Plants and hide: You may not be able to thoroughly clean these since they are quite porous, and they will be more difficult to clean in general due to this as well. If you really want to re-use them... Scrub them both really well with dishsoap and water then rinse well. If you put any vinegar on it you may not be able to get the smell out so I wouldn't recommend that. You could maybe try using peroxide and rinsing it off after a few minutes then soaking the stuff in *hot* water for a few hours and then drying. You could put anything that won't melt in the oven for a bit to try to kill some germs with heat.
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