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My similar experience with a mexican milksnake that, as a youngster, was progressing from pinks to fuzzies (all F/T) and when a fuzzy mouse was jiggled it too much it frightened him. From that point forward he seemed intimidated by anything bigger than a pinky and refused F/T. I backed him off to pinkies (afraid he wouldn't eat at all) and he continued to refuse all else for 2 years. I brumated him last winter at 2 years of age and he came out of that willing to take F/T fuzzies and small hoppers that are appropriate for his size. I have since read that some of the smaller milk and kingsnake species are easily frightened by prey and reluctant to take on anything that they perceive to be a threat.

Your female had gone quite a long time between when you bought her and when she finally accepted feed - which was only about a week ago. I suspect that many of these snakes are more traumatized by changes in their lifestyle than we understand - especially those that come from a breeder where they have the security and quiet of a rack system into a busy household - with many vibrations.

I would give her time to adjust, give her pinkies for a while, offer fuzzies intermittantly - but just let her get some nutrition into her while she learns that the new place is not so threatening - then cool her for a short period over winter and hope she will feed more aggressively in the spring. Go slow to make progress rather than push her and bring on a set back,

just my opinion

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