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Very Interesting how we jump right on Iams with this report. Remember it is not Iams that is doing this it is contracted companies.

I know you will say that is no excuse but how many of you go tour a company B4 you use any of there products and services. I know that in my position I deal with many sub contractors and I dont think that I have ever toured one or there facilities before I signed on. I have checked product and price and trade referances but never gone to check them out.

Also please remember that New is only as good as it's source and this is from PETA they would run the whole lot of us up the flag pole simply for keeping herps. I would not put any stake in anything anybody from PETA says they will lie cheat and steal to make you believe that they are right. I think we all know that there view of cruel is off (if this article is true it is deifnatly cruel) and that if they thought it was wrong they would do anything in there power to make it look worse.

Just remember that the source is often more important then the news itself.

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