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Well this time I did not leave a show empty handed!!! I might have gone a bit overboard but how often does a great show like come around?? To start with I would thank everyone who helped me and my boyfriend out, and my crazy friend who freaked at all the spider molts And to everyone who we meet here.
So here it goes, I will get pics up asap: I got three red-eyed tree frogs, 2.2 leopard geckos( 1 tr.albino, 1 hypo, 1 patternless het for RW, and 1 hypo tang) and I got the cutest little Childerns python ever!!!!!!!!!! After seeing her my BF deceided to get one of his own, so he got a boy And he also picked up the nicest male veiled, so big too! So needless to say the ride home was a bit packed But that's all good............I am still so excited, Yipee
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