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Oh my god. *shakes head*

First off, I never stated anything about the Nazi's being RIGHT in the holocaust, which they were NOT, I was just saying that some of their experiments that they so brutally carried out on the Jews were beneficial to scientific knowledge AT THE TIME. OBVIOUSLY putting people in gas chambers does nothing for anyone, it's just dumb to accuse me of meaning that, dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb. And OBVIOUSLY anyone with common sense knows the holocaust was a big mistake and millions of innocents were murdered without reason. I said this for the sake of argument. I wasn't categorizing the entire holocaust, I was just saying that certain experiments carried out during these dark times were somewhat beneficial to medical knowledge AT THE TIME!!! which acted as a catalyst to fields studied which led to scientific advancments that we know NOW. Not about MRI's and stuff, what kind of sense does that make? Did we even have those back then?
Hip, I know that the Ancient cultures had medical values that were well advanced, but as you stated in your own post, different cultures have to figure it out for themselves. We aren't a bright species, we don't go back 2000 years and see how things were done, we just figure out how to do them again. I'm more than positive that the more natural cultures of the world have cures for ailments that will take us another 5 decades to figure out. But, we as our own culture have to do this ourselves, we are selfish and ignorant.
Jason I was not out of line, you simply misunderstood my post. Of course the holocaust was a waste of life, but there was some beneficial medical knowledge gained from it, it may not have been much compared to the lives lost, but it would have otherwise not been known to us at that time. And saying that we know now what they knew then without performing these experiments doesn't negate the fact that they weren't going to wait 30 years to figure it out. Now is better than later, and that's what they were thinking then.
Go read what I said and then read what you said, it makes little to absolutely no sense. I appologize if I offended you, but you were the one who read it willing to be offended. And yes, Jason, we are animals, despite popular belief.
Zoe, thanks, I didn't know vivisect was even a word. I'm glad you can understand what I say though. Read between the lines. The reason I said that was because consent would almost NEVER be given by any living organism for its body to be VIVISECTED or killed for the sake of disecting it. Zoe, the ancient peoples of the world were nomadic. They didn't stay on farms and raise cows, what kind of sense does that make when the seasons changed so drastically and they could not survive in one place at a time? Did cows even exist around here 10,000 years ago??????????????????????????????? I thought they were introduced by the Spaniards or something. Maybe that was horses. The dogs were bred for food in times of seasonal change and nomadic drift, when the caribou and elk and what not were also migrating to warmer climates. Dogs were a 'quick fix' if you will.
Hitler had no blood on his hands. I never mentioned Hitler in my post at all. Hitler got people to do things for him. In this case, scientists. They gained the knowledge, and Hitler could probably care less. And about Hitler being cruel and genocidal - thanks tips??
Zoe, I'm not against it because I know and realize that without these experiments, other lives would be lost. Take a well known example, Jesus died to save our souls from Hell. This isn't quite the same perspective or magnitued, but a simple comparison. These dogs must be experimented on in order to prevent other pet dogs from dying, or at least to treat them accordingly when they get ailments. If the powers that be all thought as you did, we wouldn't know anything about anything. I'm not for this either because I know that innocent dogs will die without benefit. Therefor I'm neutral on the subject. I will let you know that if I had to die in order to save hundreds of people, I would, even if I had to live on a dirty floor, WOOPDI DOO! I'm sure the dogs don't even know what carpet is, and I'm also sure they don't care. Everyone is expendable to the world if is for the greater good, anyone unwilling to do the same has no honour.

Do yourself and me a favour and don't take this personally. It's a debate, not an attack.

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