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Wasn't sleep deprivation the theme this show?

First off. I would like to thank all the T.A.R.A.S. members for putting on such a good show. When we rolled into town and saw the huge billboard with the advertisement on it I was stoked. It was our best show by far. It was our friends first show. He brought ten chams and sold out in the first hour. Wow.

JeffT I had no idea you were you! haha

Ron Those Mandaran rats are actually two different morphs. The light one is the red phase and the darker red is the "cherry" phase. To cool. I will post what little I know about Zaocys dhumnates in the general snake forum just incase someone has something to add.

Pro Breeders/Desert Designers card sets were an excellent touch. That was a really good idea. I wish you got one when you purchused the reptile! Although I guess that would get expensive. haha Reptile trading cards! I trade you a Red eyed tree frog card for a Cal king and a Bearded card. I can see it now.

As far as what I got. I think I just funded Mark Isbee's (Gonesnakee) next project. I got a nice gift (totally surprised) of a pair of Grey banded kings (thanks Julie), an albino striped (flawless) and a friend and I split on a lavendar albino project. I got a beautiful male Goini Florida King from Annette to pair up with my bitchy female. Two Zaocysdhumnates (Wu Shao She) from Angus as well as a E. carinata yonaguniensis ( I know not the yellow one but I am still happy) and I traded for a great big Mexican blonde Tarantula! So nice!!! And I finally sold my first aracnids in Calgary! I was beginning to think you were all crazy!

What can I say about the Karioakee (wow how the hell do you spell that?) Is I will never....ever be able to hear Summer Nights again without thinking of Tim singing both parts (male and female) and Invictus raising the roof and doing the corus. I was laughing so hard I pulled a muscle in my side.

All in all it was a great weekend! TB
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