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Well, I had good time aside from the sleep deprivation. I think a big thanks is in order to all that contribited to making it happen.

We found new homes for many of our offspring and thinned the herd to a manageable number. The trades were great and we picked up a jumbo gargoyle gecko from DNA, thanks again David. Also, in a trade brokered by the always shrewd Angus Lee, we obtained a beautiful specimen of N. milli (Underwood's) from Jon at Desert Designers. Thanks guys, enjoy your Hamaheras, and its good to see you and your amazing animals back, Angus!

It was nice to put some faces to names at last. We met a lot of new ppl and got to share a few laughs with those we only see at these events. I can't wait to see those pix posted! Ssnakess certainly has the potential to field a truly world class karaoke team! LOL

A great time all around, thanks Tim, Tammy, Greg, Pat, Annette, Philip, Karel, and everyone else that had a hand in putting it all together. I'm looking forward to the spring show already!


P.S. I seem to be missing a banded krait, if it turns up in anyone's stuff, let me know.
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