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Yup, I got tagged pretty good by one of my JCPs not long ago. My hand is still a little marked up from it. For me, it was the day after I'd fed her. She was on carefresh bedding at the time and had spilled some water, so I was fluffing the bedding so it would dry out.

Apparently she thought my hand looked nice and rodenty because she struck me. Didn't get me constricted because I jerked back, but I had quite a selection of teeth marks along the the side of my hand. It was also fascinating to me that she had hit my hand with sufficient force that it turned quite nicely purple along the bite. It bled some and I was quite sore for the next day or so, but fortunately it wasn't serious.

The girl in question is probably one of the sweetest of my JCPs. She will come out to you to be handled and genuinely seems to be unafraid of and enjoy human contact. However, we can't forget that these guys are little instinct machines. If instinct tells them to do something, they do it. In this case, instinct told her there was a high probability that if it moved around and it was warm, it might be food.
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