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Red face it finally happened.......SFE

I was just going about my morning routine, today however I had a few snakes to feed and didn't want to look for the in my haste threw a small thawed rat in with my ball.....I put my hand in with the rat and dangled it infront of the entrance to his hide box and WHAM!!!...he came at it so fast that he missed it and caught my knuckle, constricted my hand and wrist...what was I thinking???...well, its plain to see, I just wasn't THINKING! Anyhow, he held on for about 30 secs. and then let go. I feel really dumb.....but thought I'd share anyways.....I hear people saying things like "oh I KNOW my snake" or "he's never shown ANY aggresion" with that I can see gaurds going down....DON'T DO IT!!!....mistakes happen when you least expect it! Balls are small snakes, but they do HURT!!Yikes!!:medbottom
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