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so.. I've decided its gonna be an iguana... that what made me decide is that my neighbours son in law had an iguana .. and they just wanted to "throw" it away :O:O:O I couldnt believe it.. I heard it this morning when I was outside with one of my snakes.. and my neighbour made a comment about reptiles and told me that story.. ... and so it came that I asked her for her son in laws phone number...

so I rang and we talked and he said.. sure come and get the nasty animal .. and thats what I did
I went and got that poor animal... its a little beauty and sooo sweet.. well... it still needs taming...

went to a vet with Lizzy and they there liz went trough some test and some pics.. and nothing was wrong with Liz

very stressed though.. hands are an absolut NONO... but I'll work on that.. plenty of time.. right now she is basking in her new enclosure had some food... and looks quit happy...

btw.. is a 500 gal enclosure big enough for Liz 2 grow up in... The svl lenght is 8 inch spring my dad will start on the big enclosure.. but I think for that time.. its big enough
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