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my water dragon dosent go in my bathroom or my cleaning closet and dosent get into my medicin cabinenet lol.
I realize that no, she probably doesn't. But she can, all it takes is one moment of inattention and your water dragon is in some fatal cleaning product under the sink or in the bathroom.

And like I said, I am SURE there are shelves and tables and desks all over in your house, and it is pretty easy for a WD to fall off of one and hurt themselves which makes them available to predators such as the CATS that you allow to jump on your water dragon, not to mention the hefty vet costs to splint a broken arm or leg or tail.

AND she has access to the outdoors, which opens a whole can of worms, of pesticides, predators, cold, etc etc etc.

Long story short, only let your dragon out in a closed room when you are there to supervise.

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