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I have been out of high school since 97. I still talk to pepole I went to school with, some I have jsut recently started running in to that I haven't seen since high school. My best friend I have known since I was in kindergarten and we've always gone to the same schools. I didn't sit in the cafeteria for lunch (if I was even at the school for lunch... hehehe if you looked up "truency" in the dictionary my face would be beside it ), and my school, like all did have cliques, but for the most part they got a long together... with the occassional run-togethers from the "rednecks" and the rest of the school. If people didn't like eachother it was more of an individual vs. individual thing (again most of the "rednecks" were an exception to this). I guess if you wanted a label I was a "burnout/freak" in high school

LOL... seriously now that I look back on all those years... it was a blast and I wish I could go back!
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