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I only have one herp that goes unattended in the house and that is Iggy, my 19 year old iguana. She hasn't had an indoor cage since she was 3-4 years old. She has her spot in the house where she goes to warm up under her basking lamp when she needs it. She generally only uses about 15% of the house even though she has access to all of it (basement not included in this). She does have a cage outdoors for the summer but that's it.

Originally posted by Burm41
Yea the only snake i would let roam around my house would be atleast a 12' snake
I wouldn't let ANY snake... no matter how large... roam around unattended. There have been many cases of burms and other large boids making their way up inside couches and whatnot. Unless you want to rip apart whatever they crawled in, your not going to be getting them out. If they are comfy, they are in no hurry whatsoever. I spoke with someone who lost a large burm in their couch for 1.5 weeks Snakes are notorious for squeezing and distorting themselves to get in to places we cannot
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