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1: Yes, it is very inhumane to disect any living organism without its consent.
No one is going to give you their consent, because to DISECT something, it has to be dead. (Not to mention the obvious fact that no animal is going to say "hey! Why don't you dissect me today!" .nonsensical statement.) The word you're looking for is VIVISECT.

2: 99% of people fail to realize that the only reason dogs are so domesticated and so wide ranging is because they were bred by our ancestors for food. Well, primarily food, plus protection and hunting aids. As any dog owner knows, they will try to reproduce with anything that moves. This is why our ancesors chose this animal, because they reproduce fast and can supply them with so many services.
That isn't true. Let's see, what would you rather breed and eat? A small, wiry dog (don't forget that there were no 'fat' dogs back then. They were all half wolves or half coyotes, and not fed much in the ways of fatty treats), with poor quality meat (carnivore meat is poor, vs herbivore meat which is far better) that can't survive outdoors in herds (one male can have a few girls and they need a den in which to live in the winter) that eats MORE MEAT (what do you feed it, more dog meat, since everyone had herds of 10000 dogs to breed and eat? even people in the olden days knew that doesn't work)?? Or would you rather have a herd of big, chunky female cows (and one bull - which is enough to service a while herd) of high quality meat that eats grass which is growing anyway? Use your common sense, dogs were domesticated to hunt, eat table scraps and to protect.

3: an extention of 2, had the Nazis not experimented with the Jews in the World War, we would be nowhere near how medically advanced we are today. Things DO have to suffer in order for knowledge to be gained. It is for the greater good. People just don't want to accept the truth, that's why religions exist.
That is far from the truth too. Hitler didn't learn much from his experiments, except that you can't change someone's eye colour by injecting die into their eye and that if you tie a woman's legs together when she is about to give birth, she will die. He did, perhaps, further the idea of cloning, but he didn't learn anything that we wouldn't know now if it weren't for him. Hitler was a cruel, genocidical person who killed Jews because they weren't 'good enough' for him, not because he was a doctor and wanted to further medical knowledge and just *happened* to use jews as guinea pigs.

I do not support this, and I'm not against it, these are simply some logical points.
You aren't against it? So, if someone cut meat out of your legs and left you to (maybe) recover on a cold, dirty floor, it would be okay, just because you are expendable to the rest of the world?

I agree with Lisa - boycott the product.


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