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you are never wrong, ever, and that's the bottom line in a thread involving you no matter what its about.
I expect more from people who claim to be reptile enthusiasts. These pics circulated the internet well before Lilly put them up here. When they went around our office everyone sent them to Joe, Barry, and I. We probably got them about 15 times. We didnít take the time to explain to the general population why they were fakes, its just a waste of time. I would have never thought I would have to explain to so called snake people. Not only having to point out they are fakes, but having some of them try to debate the obvious fact is ridiculous. I want to see this type of hype stopped, but if the pranksters can so easy fool the herp community, then imagine the fun they are having with the general population. I donít suppose the end is in sight. How many have seen the one about what the FL eclectic company found? That one showed a huge gater that was captured in TX and I drain pipe with about 50 WESTERN diamondbacks in it. Of course, everyone here had to show me. It wasnít worth the time to explain there are no WDB anywhere near FL. How about the one where the big American croc ate the guy off of the golf course in FL. No one seemed to care it was a salt water croc in the pic. These are all so ridiculous. Sorry Marisa, I guess I expected more from you. Keep the crap circulating!
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