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Yeah the new venues not so bad. I didn't like the parking scene so much, but all the University Girls & Herp "Eyecandy" made up for the short walk heh heh ; ). I PU my new yearling Hi-yellow female JCP from SCALES ZOO, but I have been holding back on purchasing & trying to focus on sales. Hard to do because there was some cool stuff today. The Mandarin Rat snakes Angus had were hard to pass up & his buddy had some way cool turtles from Vietnam also. I have my eye on a sweet adult pair of Hi Yellow adult JCP's, but the asking price of $1000 isn't doable at present & he ain't looking to trade, DOH! Well tomorrows another day of bartering etc. so I may bring em home yet we'll see. Anyhow I have snakes to deal with, Ciao for now, Mark I.
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