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I have been smoking since I was 12-13 years old. I started stealing my Dads KOOLS. lmao.

Anyways I smoked about a pack a day or Marlboro Reds until I was 20, and then moved up to canada and now I smoke about a half pack a day of Players Extra Light king size.

I have woke up like 6 times in the past year and said "NOT ONE MORE SMOKE EVER!" Felt all into quitting, excited, motivated, etc. Then if you wait an hour you see Marisa FREAK OUT and frantically do anything she can to get smokes. LOL.

Its so hard but I like all the suggestions you guys have made, especially the one about waiting until you get sick, because personally I never smoke when I am ill but thats the only time I can not smoke. I may have to try that.

P.S. Smokes are $7.75 a pack here
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