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I've been a smoker since about 10 years old. Have quit a few times once in middle school and once at the end of highschool. But when i was in middle school i wasn't a huge smoker only when i had the chance to steal my fathers cigaretts LOL. So i've been smoking for at least 14 years off and on.

I'm currently trying to quit for health reasons but ahhh it's really hard!!! Call me a wuss i don't care but it is extremly hard. I was doing pretty good a few months back quitting cold turkey but then that wonderful stess hit and now i'm almost at a pack a day again. I've tried the gum and ewww that stuff was horrible it tasted like licking a 20 year old ashtry that's used everyday but has never been cleaned.

Now i'm telling myself everytime i smoke that this taste like crap and smells the same. I notice i really don't want to smoke but i lit it up anyway and it just burns it self out. (this trick worked in highschool quit for 2 years) I'm almost to that point where i won't smoke but once i quit i hope it will be for good. Good luck on quitting !!!!
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