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I smoked for 8 years and have been smoke-free for 5 years.....i did not quit cold turkey....but I didn't use any aids such as the patch, gum, etc...what set my quiting in motion was that my lifestyle changed, I wasn't really conciously thinking about quiting....I moved an hour away from my close friends(who ALL smoked like fiends), got really busy and had a boyfriend that didn't smoke and wouldn't let me smoke in his car either(bless his heart)! At first I realized that I had cut back a bit on smokes.....and was proud of that tiny unplanned accomplishment so continued cutting back until, I was having the occasional smoke at a bar or party....eventually the taste started to bug me....then the is a long road to recovery but every small step you take towards it is an accomplishment on its own.....One thing that people don't realize is how crappy they feel when they smoke because they become used to feeling that way...when you quit you'll realize that your health improves, you have more energy, your cardio gets better, you don't run out of breath so fast....i couldn't believe i let myself get so run down to not even notice! Also, alot of people say they gain weight when they quit smoking, possibly because they eat more to replace the habit...i'm not sure....i think it can be avoided...get a hobby...join a gym...started riding a bike for an hour tennis...go for'll keep your mind off of smoking as well as improve the shape of your heart! Good habits can be formed just the same as bad habits! Good luck to you!
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