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Smoking is a bi*ch!! I absolutely hate it, but yes I was a smoker too. I started on a trip to Europe and ended up smoking cigars then colts, then cigarettes, than any damn thing that would stay lit, for several years. Those damn patches just kept going out (;o)
Step one.... Admit that you are a drug addict... no minor BS about it simply being a bad habit..
Its full fledged, physiological substance addiction. Getting that into the old head, is half the way to correcting it.
It took me 3 years to get off the stuff...
For me, I waited till I had a bad cold/virus.
I found the cravings were less when my craving to
simply breathe was more...
So I made the concious decision to not restart smoking when I felt better.
I smoked herbal cigarettes for a full year after that. You can get them at health food stores. They contain rose hips and herbs and lots of neat stuff but still have tar, but no nicotine.
They smell like weed, so that can be good or bad depending on the company you keep..
I don't recommend them for business lunches..LOL
But it worked for me...
I now have zero tolerance for smokers.
Hats off for recognizing your problem. Self admission is the first step to self correction!
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