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It is hard to walk into a store where there is supposed to be people that know what they are doing but don't.
You are going to see that everywhere at some given point of time.
It is starting to get better but sometimes the cute and fuzzy type pet stores are the worst.
I have found from experience of speaking up the only way the message will get across is go and speak with the manager/owner yourself do not rely on the employee who has no clue about the animals in the first place because he/she will have no information to back up the protest of neglect. Normally cute and fuzzy stores get reptiles as a show piece thinking that their customers will ohhh and ahhh over the reptiles they have without the understanding of how to care for them.
It is a long and frustrating battle to be fought just have patience and do not be demeaning. That will only close the ears of the listener.
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