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I've been smoke-free for 2 (or is it 3 years now?). If I can quit, anyone can. I smoked between 2-3 packs daily (2 if I slept, 3 if I didn't)... I didn't even need a lighter 'cause I could just keep lighting them off eachother.
I was going to attempt using Zyban, but the stuff made me so sick I had to stop taking it before I was even to the point where I was allowed to stop smoking So cold turkey it was, I didn't make myself sick for no reason, and I couldn't breathe and all I was doing was wheezing and making bad noises, so I quit. I chewed on minty toothpick things....lots of them, and kept busy, and tried to avoid things that I really need to smoke while doing. I was a horror to be around for the first couple days, but it was well worth it. It feels great to be free from that crap... I can taste stuff, I can smell, I don't smell bad, I save a buttload of $$, and its great for my health.
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