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Actually I kind of like my high school. I hang out with people that are just like me. There are a few reptile people, actually, who I don't hang out with quite as much, but they're cool. The only real freaks I know of is this girl Tiffany and her boyfriend Josh (who like hits on me... he like licks me and today I took a piece off of this guy Cody's brownie and Josh freakin like put his whole mouth around my hand to eat it, he's awesome). They're really good friends of mine, and they're pretty well known. Another surprising fact is that I knew about 2 people in that entire high school that were actually in my grade out of like 450 freshmen. And yet I made at least 50 friends in the first week of school that I am still friends with in the 6th week of school (yeah yeah, not that long, I know). I hang out with mostly guys, too. I dunno about you, but my school rocks! and even though I'm probably not going to be friends with the friends I have now when I get into college I'm still gonna have a fun 4 years being in high school .
Who are you callin' a freak?!
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