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Sure odd things can be found in nature, doesn't mean it's natural..
These crosses are accident, they aren't there for a purpose
Who are you to say that? If itís found in nature without any human interventions there for it is NATURAL. You should know that every living thing on earth it a hybrid of some sort and it all started by accident. Sure there was no human intervention in the beginning, but now itís one other thing. Nobody is talking about crossing a pig and a snake. If it were so against nature, nature wouldnít allow it. We are not talking about hybrids made in labs, where they slice genes together to make transgenic snake. Itís like mixing different races of dogs, is that a mistake? How do you think we evolved to be what we are? It took a lot of crosses.

What different purposes a ball python and a corn snake have? They are snakes they serve the same purpose. We are not talking about releasing the hybrids in the wild, we choose to keep reptiles in captivity, and in a way we changed their purpose.

Even if people are against hybrids, it doesnít change the fact that hybrids have always been there and will always be there no matter what we might think. Is it a good thing that we help Mother Nature? I donít know (weíll talk about that in a100 years), but one thing is sure, even without our help nature will always find a way, these years more then ever.

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