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And it can NEVER be verified

Another thing that disturbs me is that when people actually DO sell hybrids, they do so saying that they HONESTLY represented them. Which may well be true, but DOES NOT insure that future breeders that buy them will CONTINUE to HONESTLY represent them. I find that people will represent them as whatever is most MARKETABLE at that moment, i.e. if they look more like diamonds, they will sell them as diamonds, if they look bizarre and pretty, they may represent them as crosses, because crosses are selling well at that time,. In short, once the initial pair leaves the breeders hands.....all bets are off.

Which is why you see so many diamonds that are really crosses nowadays, why you see so many Colombian boas that have argentine or hogg island boa(Isla de los cochinos) bloods in them. ONCE they leave the original breeder, theres no telling what those snakes will be bred with, or if they will be represented honestly, or even KNOWINGLY

Its kind of like buying hets, unless you KNOW the seller personally, or their reputation WITH THAT PARTICULAR SNAKE preceeds them, then you are gambling, with odds against you

Just my opinion,

Fred Albury
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