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Thumbs down Hybrids: A *Quick* personal opinion

Hi Guus,

I havent posted here in so long I cant remeber when.

Heres how I feel about hybrids.

Hybrids are popular.....Brittany Spears is popular.......
George W. Bush is popular.......Bell bottem pants are popular..

Proof that popular things arent ALWAYS good things.

Bottem line, people tend to follow *trends* , certainly I have been suspect of this, whatever *NEW* snake morph is out there, or whatever snake is popular AT THE MOMENT, people tend to jump on the bandwagon. I have done so and regretted it. Not to say that people cant keep something they like, even if it is popular, but when your whoel collection is focused on whats hot NOW...your either a breeder trying to capitilize on the market, or a person that wants to keep up with the Joneses. I understand the first one, but dont understand the second.

Hybrids are popular...therefore, I tend to avoid them like the plaque. I disdain things that are overly popular, mainstream music, clothes and especially politically. so, I CHOOSE, for the most part, not to keep anything in my collection that is a hybrid. I DO LIKE some of the morhs that are produced(Color) but dont necessarily keep them if they are indeed crosses.

There are plenty of people out there breeding and selling hybrids, they dont need me todo it to, so I dont, I am not a purist in the sense, but things that are overly popular give me a headache.


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