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how about leaving open wounds from surgary not even taking the time to close them up having them lie on a paint chiped concreat floor till there are scares formed. They keeping them in unenviromently controled suroundings to swelter in the summer and shiver in the winter, never having any interaction with anonther human or dog in there lives, even observed and documented an open wounded animal with a huge laseration on its side till it smelled and pussed till the animals die... I don't know about you but that doesnt sound to nessisary to find out if the dog food is good for them. I bet they dont rip chunks out of humans legs to see if your cerial is good for you. Why dont they just to nutritional anylisis or even study on animals but get volenters and study the peice of mucel take your sample or whatever then properly stich the animal back up and send it home for recovery.... Sure testing is needed but come on they would never do these things to human for human food they dont need to do it to dogs or any other animals.
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