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Well heres some things i got to see and do while i was away! Did you miss me?

Thats 2 minutes after i arrived, Isn't that an awesome snake?! this snake belonged to SCALES ZOO (Ryan & Shila)

Heres a pic of the first snake i found. a bull snake. Katt and Vanan were helping say their latin name... i think i got it now guys!. LOL this one was found by me and steve chandler.

Here Is a Canadian scorpion. Very cool animal. we found 3 of them. this is the one that stung ryan they were found by me. they are so awesome

This animal would have had to be my favorute. this here is the prarie rattle snakes they are such awesome snakes. enjoy!! this snake was found by katt and vanan.

Here's a baby one... a guess about 3-4 months old. this snake was found by shila, i believe. it also just had a little mead before we found it.

And here is a great oppertunity for me. this was the largest prarie rattle snake we found this trip. and it had the nicest colour. this snake was found by steve chandler.

And heres a little superise i had when i got home! my asian vine snake had its babies!. 3 healthy little guys. they are having their first shed right now. i an going to try them on guppies soon!.

I hope you enjoyed the pics... i will get more as soon as i upgrade my account.

Take Care

Jordan David M.

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