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Hmmm, I'll take the side that there are bipolar sides to this topic.

1: Yes, it is very inhumane to disect any living organism without its consent.

2: 99% of people fail to realize that the only reason dogs are so domesticated and so wide ranging is because they were bred by our ancestors for food. Well, primarily food, plus protection and hunting aids. As any dog owner knows, they will try to reproduce with anything that moves. This is why our ancesors chose this animal, because they reproduce fast and can supply them with so many services.

3: an extention of 2, had the Nazis not experimented with the Jews in the World War, we would be nowhere near how medically advanced we are today. Things DO have to suffer in order for knowledge to be gained. It is for the greater good. People just don't want to accept the truth, that's why religions exist.

I do not support this, and I'm not against it, these are simply some logical points.

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