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Well after I droped out (yes due to alot of the "preps' and "jocks" and "cheerleader" (snoty better than you people) I found out that more than 9/10 of the school was absolutely terrified of me, and do you want to know why they were afraid..........

well I'm a big girl, and everyone thought that if they pissed me off I would turn them into a frog because I'm a witch, and everyone just knows *knew* that, that is what witchs do best!!!!!!! No wonder when I was a sophmore even the seniors moved out of my way!!!!! lol, and not exactly the " freak table" but there were a collection of the rejected people........the people that didn't classify as a jock (sports), The cheerleaders, the smart people, the "pretty" people, druggies, and then there were us, not really a name for our table.....But it doesn't matter when you are out of school.
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