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When I first saw this thread, I ad mix feelings but I started thinking. Jeff (administrator) made a few really good points. How many of us have dogs, cats or whatever other pets that have been mix in one time or another? Some people are going to say, ďWell itís not the sameĒ or is it? To give an example, I own 2 teams of sled dogs (20dogs total) and 15 of them are what we call ďAlaskan huskiesĒ which is not even a recognized breed. A Alaskan is a mix of deferent dogs breeds put together to give one super dog that will run faster and longer than the regular Siberian husky. We all have reason why we cross breed, but if the animal is to be kept in captivity, why not cross breed them? What so different with snakes that we canít Hybrid them? There are hybrids even in the wild. I love fishing, more then all fishing for pikes. But there are pikes x muskies in the wild we call that tiger muskies. So if Mother Nature allows it in the wild why not in captivity? Thatís one example in probably millions and I know that itís rare in the wild but it still happens.

But (there is always a but) even if I donít condemn hybrid snakes I would not by one. Because I donít want it to become like dogs or cats that even if they say ďpure breedĒ if you donít have papers, itís probably not. Maybe there should be an organization like the AKC or CCC for the snake that would give a proof of the purity of the snake. Then cross breeding would be as bad because will know whatís mixed and whatís not.
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