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As herpers is it not our responsibility to investigate, study, and maintain our animals properly. To house the species under conditions as close as possible to their natural environment, and treat them with utmost respect?
If this is true (which I believe it is), one should try to maintain the purity of the line from which the animal came from and the species as is. Not cross it with something it wouldn’t naturally select itself if it could possibly come across it in the wild.
This is maintaining the species as is, and respecting it for what centuries of evolution and natural selection had brought it to in the wild.

One of the main problems with hybridization is that it's all just for CASH FLOW. A guy bought one snake, and some friend dumped another snake on him...not the same species at all. But HEY if he could get them to breed, gosh darn it, he just might be able to squeeze some cash out of these snakes, and perhaps even a ton of it if it's something unique! WOW.

In this case, we can clearly see this wasn't a true herper, not someone who really cares about the animal or is in the hobby for the fact that they are intrigued by reptiles. But merely because it's something "Cool", an impulse, and then...a possible source of cash.

"You have no idea how many times a day I get some ignorant idiot calling me about how to breed some animal they JUST purchased...wants to buy a boy and a girl to breed before they even know the first thing about animal care. This to me, is one of the first signs of a bad potential pet parent. And in these cases I can see why people are trying to ban exotic animals...though this happens with dogs and cats too...but who is going to ban Fluffy and Scruffy?...."
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