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Originally posted by reverendsterlin
Heyas Fred
My problem with hybrids is Mr. Joe Bubblegumpopper that buy the hybrid and breeds it, produces it, then sells it to Mr. Whocares and the genetics are lost to the unsuspecting buyer down the road. If they have to breed them they and any buyers should be responsible for id chips, unfortunately down the road someone won't so I'm against hybrids. JMHO

Not meaning to start this up again.

You make a good point but in reality how many of you guys release your hybrid snakes in the wild? None I bet.

Most hybrids would not be able to survive in the wild. An albino burm would be scoffed up by a predator in no time.

If you look at the lion and tiger cross, considered two different species but both are related. Those crosses would not survive in the wild despite there sometimes larger size as most are domesticated.

Humans are one species and are not considered hybrids. A hybrid would be if a human had a kid with an ape.

All the different coloured cornsnakes you guys own are all hybrids. I don't think hybrids are a bad thing, but they should be kept as pets only. The wildcats, lynxs and wild felines in general are in danger because of some jack *** letting out his domesticated cat. It becomes a feral cat and mates with the wild stock, hybrid produced. The Coyote still exists, with few pure bloods. That again is human intervening.

As long as you keep your hybrid snakes and reptiles locked up. And don't send them to their parents homeland and let loose. Then hybrids are cool!
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