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Im aware alot may give ample space but most to my experience do not. I find that small hand keepers ar more enclined to give naturalistic enclosures and care for the animals as it is fit. But we know there are a few who dont.. Another win win section ideas..
MISCONCEPTION, big time. Naturalistic setups are for the KEEPER, not the animal. The animal is built and has mechanisms to USE certain things, be that objects or environmental factors. A bunch of clutter in the cage does not mean its useable materials and it does not translate into a "happier" animal. I see this is going to be tough slogging because your reference point of info is very very skewed and mis-informed. But I will try, for a while.

however, what about the facts of inbreeding to quicken the production of these high end animals, which is commonly presented when the bloodline and genetics is given..
Please tell me how you've been educated on the effects of inbreeding of wild lower vertebrates and what the inbreeding coefficient REALLY means. People alays just say" bla bla bla inbreeding is bad, bla bla", but they really haven't a clue what they are talking about. Inbreeding increases homozygosity, THAT'S IT! If you know of something else that it mysteriously does, please inform us all.

I got into the specifics from a friend that we constantly competed against, and there's only one person who inspires me the most in my area of the interest and he is a scientist, not a high end anything.. That's who I follow behind, not breeders, but actual true blue scientists,

Exact opposite for me. I went to school. I took biology/zoology/conservation for 4 years at university. And let me tell you, I was not impressed with the "scientific community". And I know a LOT of smart people who aren't. I think its a lot of the blind leading the blind and a lot of silly garble-dee-gook (nonesense).

Also, how was you forced in to learning the more complex aspects of the hobby? Not counting anything that does with the breeding aspects, because I know you do have to know this area to get what you want, but can you tell me the meaning of terms that vets ( Or at least mine ) commonly use without honestly looking it up, such as Dysecdysis, Dystocia, Ecdysis, Germinal, Helminthes,Invaginated.. You don't have to answer the meanings, just curious if you know them.. Or did you mean more of the physical body section of knowledge such as feeding, or Brain structure, Circulatory system, eukaryotes, or the cardiovascular system? I am honestly interesed to hearing anyones veiws when it comes to the more less studied areas of herps, Most herpers are caught up on the Breeding area and everything that involves the genetic makeup.

I don't understand that. This IS a reptile HOBBY forum! Of course that's what people are here for! If people like all the anatomy (my major was population studies in University) and other scientific stuff, but who cares? I like sports too, but what does that have to do with anything? Its like going to a hot rod forum and telling everyone there you are disgusted with them because they only discuss thier hot rods and not the physics of the combustion engine.

I find that strange. Not cool strange, weird strange.
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