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I haven't heard anything about Vancouver yet, but it's very possible. As I posted earlier, I went to a meeting in at Surrey city hall last night as they are trying to ban all exotic pets including reptiles. The final decision will be made by council members who, to my knowledge know little or nothing of herps. Someone said to me today that it is an emotional issue and it is easy for a few people to make a convincing arguement to the unknowledgeable (ie city council) about the cruelty, dangers, and health hazards of exotics. This is true and it is scary. Also, these bylaws aren't widely advertised. Last night there were about 60 people in attendance out of a city population of about 360,000. This isn't an accurate representation of either side of the debate and I'm sure there would have been a much larger turn out if more people had known. Also this was apparently the 3rd reading of the bill and still almost no one knew. All I can say is reptile owners need to keep abreast of what is happening in their area and organize larger groups to counter such laws since it seems it is happening in more and more places.
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