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do you know much about water dragons my water dragon can live in my house practically many lizard owners do this.
Yes, I do. And yes, some owners do let their lizards live in the house. It isn't necessarily smart, though. When it comes to large iguanas it's not so bad, they can't really get into little spaces. But water dragons are pretty small (1.5 feet isn't big). I know a person who let's his live in his house, they have a special corner set up and works okay, but he's had a couple die when they got sick and he obviously couldn't find them because they were hiding. And he does NOT let them go outside.

about the cats instincts my cat when she was smaller would bounce on him and try to attack him. But she has been taught and trust my water dragon is safe and can wonder around my house
So you let your cat attack your water dragon before you taught her otherwise? I'm not saying that cats and reptiles can't live in the same environment (I've seen this done with Iguanas and cats), but I'm not saying it's a smart thing to do, especially when your little lady is only a foot and a half. You never know when your cat's instincts will kick in.

All this to say, it probably isn't the wisest thing to let your 18 inch water dragon wander around a house with a cat and access to the outdoors. There are just too many variables (wild animals and other cats, pesticides and other poisons, people who don't like reptiles, cold spells etc). And if your dragon get's sick you can bet she won't be out in the open for "predators" to find her. I'm only saying this because I've seen it before and I don't want to see it again.

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