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Ya i have gaven up on the cat thing i have tried to get em to tolerate eachother and usually when they see eachother they run from eachother and do you know much about water dragons my water dragon can live in my house practically many lizard owners do this. Some snake owners. And i have a cage it was a 4 day preiod i wouldnt give my water dragon up becuase fo a four day thing and about the cats instincts my cat when she was smaller would bounce on him and try to attack him. But she has been taught and trust my water dragon is safe and can wonder around my house she is right now she is in the kitchen i believe not 2 sanitary lol but water dragons bathe them selves a lot.

You see my houses decoration them is jungle fake plants everywhere so my water dragon loves it.

You can do this with iguanas also my neighbors do.
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