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Im not really concerned now with the fact she wants a few extra bucks outta me, but its the fact that she's demanding that i get rid of the animals that require lighting. Also, our balls and the burm are on the city's "no no list" of animals we cant have. I don't want her to call in the by-law officer to come and take our animals. as i said, this is an illegal apartment, so, i suppose the little section in the Landlord Tennant Act that states that the "no pet" clause in our lease is completly null and void, so, she can kiss my butt.

Zoe also has a point, our apartment was "all inclusive" so she doesn't have a right to say "give me $30 tomorrow to cover the additional electricity cost".

thanks, just wanting to confirm what we already thought. but, I guess we should relocate our herps for when we lock horns with the landlord.

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