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The point is moot because if you are using spot bulbs to breed Ball Pythons, you WILL NOT be successful and your $20K investment will be lost.
[/FONT] Eh, it works and its been done, may not have been done with the "High-end" but not all of us care to use heat tape..

So you had to lay out $20,000 get $40,000? That's a huge risk that a lot of people aren't willing to take.
Ya' gotta start somewhere, and like you said in a relative sense the more you have the more you get, I was just stating you still make the money, also, what do you do for 30 an hr job?

Its just a different crop of people. I couldn't stand the poor conditions, the constant bartering of prices, the flipping of animals to new homes 20 times a year, etc etc etc. With higher end stuff, its a different clientle. People know what they want and they are usually veterans of the "industry". Trust me when I say that they are 10,000x better/more pleasant to deal with.
I agree with you on this part, and I believe it to be true on the stationary part of the section, however, what about the facts of inbreeding to quicken the production of these high end animals, which is commonly presented when the bloodline and genetics is given.. Personally, I could care less about anyone in the hobby, really. I keep my animals, for the animals.. They may not be on most peoples wanted lists but they make me feel all tingly inside and personally that all that matters.. We'll all have different veiws on things and generally its a no win thing, which is fine and it's obvious to my understanding you care about the creatures you have, as well as any that suffers and its all that matters, even if we do disagree on terms..

The higher end clientel are, as a rule, really into the husbandry of the reptiles...
Chase, correct me if Im wrong but most of the high end breeders, use racks and the racks I see Bob Clark ( to use a well known "high-end breeder")and many others use don't really strike my fancy and most often than not disturbs me, and I've seen it in many other cases and will have to disagree with you on this.. Im aware alot may give ample space but most to my experience do not. I find that small hand keepers ar more enclined to give naturalistic enclosures and care for the animals as it is fit. But we know there are a few who dont.. Another win win section ideas..

Since I started to buy the high end snakes I, (modestly) was forced to learn more about the medical aspects and care of the snakes than most Vets I
I got into the specifics from a friend that we constantly competed against, and there's only one person who inspires me the most in my area of the interest and he is a scientist, not a high end anything.. That's who I follow behind, not breeders, but actual true blue scientists, However, I myself will not become one if it is up to me.. Also, how was you forced in to learning the more complex aspects of the hobby? Not counting anything that does with the breeding aspects, because I know you do have to know this area to get what you want, but can you tell me the meaning of terms that vets ( Or at least mine ) commonly use without honestly looking it up, such as Dysecdysis, Dystocia, Ecdysis, Germinal, Helminthes,Invaginated.. You don't have to answer the meanings, just curious if you know them.. Or did you mean more of the physical body section of knowledge such as feeding, or Brain structure, Circulatory system, eukaryotes, or the cardiovascular system? I am honestly interesed to hearing anyones veiws when it comes to the more less studied areas of herps, Most herpers are caught up on the Breeding area and everything that involves the genetic makeup.
However, Im going to stop responding to this post, because as it is, Me and Jeff wont generally agree, which is fine and a prolonged fourm of repetition isn't a favored item. I am still interesed in your interest of fields other than genetic makeup, when you get he chance and will of course read the responses..
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