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You da man, Jeff............don't you hate when you wish you hadn't started a

ha ha bro, its a GREAT topic! For sure. It all boils down to what turns people's crank. If they aren't outright abusing the animals, who the f**k cares why they breed things? Not me. And let me tell you this; the day I got out of cheap reptiles/amphibians and got into higher end stuff was the day I REALLy started to like this hobby. It had nothing to do with the animals themselves or the income/non-income. It had to do with the people I was dealing with. Its just a different crop of people. I couldn't stand the poor conditions, the constant bartering of prices, the flipping of animals to new homes 20 times a year, etc etc etc. With higher end stuff, its a different clientle. People know what they want and they are usually veterans of the "industry". Trust me when I say that they are 10,000x better/more pleasant to deal with.
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