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Now, my animals successfully reproduced because, I reek with awesomeness, and lets say I get eh, um.. 7 eggs.. Add a few bucks to care for these things, I dont care too, Im tired and my fingers dont go up that high added up, and 6 eggs hatch, that is about right, no? I feed them a few meals, and sell them off for 10,000, which means I get oh about 40,000 back.. ,
So you had to lay out $20,000 get $40,000? That's a huge risk that a lot of people aren't willing to take. Heck, I just go to work everyday and make $50K without any risk. People who take risks should be renumerated. And they are. My time is worth about $30 an hour to me. So I make sure that things I do generate me that kind of income. Not greed, just my lifestyle.
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