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Angry Okay, so, we have a little problem here...Advice desired


Okay, our landlord is saying that our herps are increasing her hydro bill so much, she is increasing our rent by $30/month. now, i can understand how having a huge collection could increase hydro consumption a fair bit, but, in our herp room, we have three 100w bulbs + 3 human heating pads + 2 flourescent bulbs. Now, when we moved in here a few months ago, we decided that we'd live in the dark to conserve power and energy so our herps could have their heating/lighting. One of the questions we have is How much a month would our heating cost our landlord?

also, the landlord is demanding that we get rid of all animals that require lighting that "is not supplied in the apartment", and wants a current inventory of the animals that require additional power supplements, and their adult size potential. (5 baby balls and a 3' burm).

Now, here's the thing, this basement apartment is not a legal apartment (we found that out AFTER moving in), nor is it built to code (no GFCI in the bathroom, only ONE power outlet for the whole living/dining room area, wall studs not evenly spaced, etc etc.. )

one more question, does anyone know of a 1/2 decent 2 bedroom basement apartment in pickering/ajax or scarborough?

Justin and Jessy

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