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I don't know why you think people should feel bad.
When did I say this? Forgive me but I was under the impression that this thread was about posting opinions on what WE thought on the topic.. I could be wrong.

Yeah? Methinks you have never bred an animal before. Let alone hundreds, which is what it takes to actually make money.

Think as you must.. So lets say I bred 1.1 balds which are going for what $17,500 - $7,500 depending on the seller, sex, age and the whole whatknot, so lets go about $10,000 on these animals.
I shot off 20 grand on adult, proven animals, (Though in reality they would cost more) I spend $500 on a two 48" W x 28" D x 18" H vision, being I only have two animals, I spend 30 bucks on F/T Med. rats for an annual feeding of 40 times, which isn't even correct because of the brumation period, (Friend told me the annual feeding, so the feeding times may or may not be correct according to your schedule) and let's go with butcher paper at say 15 bucks for the annual roll.. I like to use lights so lets use a UV bulb and a spot bulb, because of my habits and thats what, 30 bucks? Your electricity and water bill for the animals alone will run ya' what, not even 30 bucks? But lets say it does and for 12 months, just for humor, that would be $360 just for the animals water and electric.. So lets all this all up together.. 20.000+500+30+15+30+360 = 20,935 dollars.. Wow, holes in my pocket..
Now, my animals successfully reproduced because, I reek with awesomeness, and lets say I get eh, um.. 7 eggs.. Add a few bucks to care for these things, I dont care too, Im tired and my fingers dont go up that high added up, and 6 eggs hatch, that is about right, no? I feed them a few meals, and sell them off for 10,000, which means I get oh about 40,000 back.. Mind you, About. Sure a 20 thousand dollar increase, according to the animal prices and whatknot, maybe not a big increase, but next breeding season, you dont have to buy the animals so you save about 20 grand and you will get about a 60,000 income from the animals, which Im sure you will increase the "Stock" with the earnings, and for the 60,000 a year is a tad if not double the amount that most individuals make, so you are making money, you dont need hundreds of animals to do so.. And for the record I have bred most of the reptiles I keep, and most are either given away to friends or people I respect and sold off at pretty cheap prices, comparing to the going rate of the animals, to people who are interested, and I hear breeding balls is basically simple and imagine it is, so Where's the work in it again? Oh.. it's in the pesky eaters, Gotcha' By the way, this is all American on the prices..

You seem to think its ok to keep animals in captivity, and I'm sure you like to acquire captive bred animals (if not, then let's stop this discussion).
I do, on most occasions, depending on the situation really.. Why should the conversation be dropped if I didn't? We are talking Morphs and Natural colors and the prices of them.. I don't see the validation..

So people are supposed to give you these animals for free?

No, I don't care much for most morphs.. However, getting free animals I care for would be pretty spiffy.. I'm not saying the prices should be free, Im not saying the prices should be dropped, Hell, Im not even saying no one should have them; I am saying that the motive behind most these animals should be different, that's all I merely think..
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