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I agree that Canada is the best country there is but would we really miss Barbie that much? It's the commercialism in the West that takes the place of racist and religious hate in the East. People die from both but suicide bombers are better for TV than Chinese sweat shops and our homegrown prison labour. It's clear that both cultures kill but the interesting thing is that the West is responsible for much of the trouble in the East. It goes back to the end of WWII. (started by Germany remember). Instead of giving the Jews a significant portion of Germany to make up for what was stolen from them the Allies handed them a piece of desert without asking the Arabs that lived there and it's been a total gangf*ck ever since. The real irony is that now Germany is one of the 5 richest countries on earth and Israel gets blasted with teenage suicide bombers. Sounds like a fair deal eh?
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