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Did you really wrestle him?
No. like I said before, I have made a name for myself with hardcore wrestling and its what the fans expect from me. These old school guys donít like the blood, so I rarely get in the ring with them.
Hey Chuck, is what your doing something like the old ECW?
ECW toward the end was big business. We are pretty much like ECW in the beginning.
What other of the old timers and well knowns have you met and or worked with?
I have wrestled the nightmare, ted allen and lord humongous. I have been on cards with the rock and roll express, bob Armstrong, terry gordy, iron sheik, Abdullah the butcher, and of course larry. I have met ronnir gravin. My mother dated him when I was a child. And wwf earthquake (john tenta) works for me at my real job.
The AWA, I'm trying to remember. Is that the one with Curt Henning and Nick Bockwinkle and those guys?
Yes, they also had Hogan and Andre.
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