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Ah & all you folks that don't know what its like around here. A week & a 1/2 ago it was 32 celcius here (thats over 90F y'all). This is the type of flucuation that we are forced to deal with sometimes weekly LOL (even though not funny!). Like Invicus said its supposed to be nice for the weekend. Don't let any of those west coast pussys (like Jeff F. LOL) scare ya away from the Calgary show. The snow is Mother Natures way of showing us she is ready for a Reptile Show. Afterall it wouldn't be a Calgary show if we didn't get snow the week of it. LOL I can see blue sky out there now so all we need is for the Sun to crank it up & it will be 20 C again, but for how long LOL Mark I.
P.S. the rain & snow was actually a GODSEND to put out all of our nasty forest fires finally. I bet Tim & Julie B. are loving the weather as should all of the people in the fire zones.
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